Here’s my take on DOE study that shows solar energy has the potential to power 40% of the nation’s electricity by 2035

Solar’s progress to date should give us the confidence to aim high.

Here’s the play by play of my journey to install a heat pump heating/cooling system in our cottage

(Photo credit: Johanna Neumann)

One University of Massachusetts Amherst student’s work to get her campus to commit to 100% renewable energy

Five pivotal moments to keep an eye on in 2021

Thanks largely to state action, renewable energy, like solar, powered nearly 10% of America’s electricity needs in 2019.

Revisiting our nation’s worst energy law

The Sammis coal plant in Stratton, Ohio had been slated for closure, until legislative action fueled by bribes resuscitated it last year. (Photo credit: FirstEnergy)

A 19th century cholera outbreak offers direction for today’s issues

After a cholera outbreak in London in the 1800s, researchers traced the outbreak back to a contaminated well on Broad Street (replica pump shown above) and lobbied to have the pump handle removed. Legend has it that cholera cases in the area plummeted after the intervention. Photo Credit: Matt Brown via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Johanna Neumann

Senior Director for Campaigns for 100% Renewable Energy for Environment America, ultimate player, amateur dahlia grower, mom of boys.

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